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Artificial intelligence powerhouse IBM has had it with law enforcement’s misuse of facial recognition technology. As part of its effort to responsibly use technology, Krishna explained how facial recognition tools are misused for mass surveillance, racial profiling, and human rights violations, and said the company would no longer offer “general purpose IBM facial recognition or analysis software. The letter also acknowledged the inherent bias built into these tools and called for more testing and reporting on how they are used and often abused. In the past, IBM’s own tools have come under scrutiny for how they were used to train systems about race and gender. In March of , the company was caught scraping millions of Creative Commons-licensed Flickr photos, without acquiring the permission of the people photographed, as part of a diversity initiative to combat AI bias. It only took mass nationwide protests after the police killing of George Floyd for IBM to finally learn its own lessons about creating responsible artificial intelligence tools and software.

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Accenture NYSE: ACN , which provides information technology IT and consulting services to a wide range of industries, has fared better than many industry peers over the past five years. Accenture’s stock dipped briefly in March during the COVID crash, but it’s now trading near its all-time highs again. IBM, the digital partner of the United States Tennis Association USTA for 29 years, announced today innovative new fan experiences leveraging artificial intelligence AI underpinned by hybrid cloud technologies that will enable millions of fans around the world to experience the excitement and vibrant debate surrounding the iconic tennis Grand Slam, the first ever without fans on-site.

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By Cheyenne Macdonald For Dailymail. A virtual matchmaker is looking to make online dating a lot less superficial. On many dating sites, users have a tendency to misrepresent their own personalities. Scroll down for video. Connectidy puts the focus on emotional intelligence, analysing everything from writing style to personality traits for each user.

To create personality profiles, Watson pulls information from major social media sites including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Users will also be prompted to answer open-ended questions.

A Perfect Match: Uniting Mobile Security With Your Employees’ Use of Online Dating Apps

By partnering with CDS your business can rely on our global presence and OEM-trained engineers to deliver multi-vendor support for your hardware. CDS specialize in the provision of post warranty and EOSL support for IBM, extending the lifecycle of your server hardware as it continues to deliver according to your business needs. Our team of Level 3 engineers ensures you receive the same quality of service you expect from IBM OEM support, whilst extending product life by up to three years.

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One IBM beta partner — a soon-to-launch online dating site based on relationship science — is already putting some of these capabilities to the test, with the aim of helping its users craft that perfect introduction message in hopes of scoring a date. It can rate your text on how it conveys a wide set of emotions such as joy, disgust, fear, sadness, or cheerful.

It also gives feedback on what social propensities are conveyed — are you sounding open and agreeable, or conscientious? The tool analyzes text at the sentence level. So when IBM learned that he was working on an online dating site that was going to use algorithms to help people make connections, it was a perfect opportunity to put Tone Analyzer to the test. This is to help you get that first level of communication right.

It serves a similar purpose to the Tone Analyzer, but is meant to help users understand the underlying emotion of written content from others. It goes beyond the typical sentiment analysis that might be part of your social media analytics package, distinguishing a broader range of emotions beyond positive or negative.

Tinder says it’s safe from IBM warning on dating apps

The last day to order the affected product s is January 31, Table 1 describes the end-of-life milestones, definitions, and dates for the affected product s. Table 2 lists the product part numbers affected by this announcement. For customers with active and paid service and support contracts, support will be available until the termination date of the contract, even if this date exceeds the Last Date of Support shown in Table 1.

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One IBM beta partner – a soon-to-launch online dating site based on relationship science – is already putting some of these capabilities to the.

Businesses use predictive modeling software to determine what their customers will want before their patrons even know it. In fact, online dating websites employ the same kind of predictive modeling tools that Netflix uses to suggest a movie to you. However, they’re suggesting people that could end up having a big impact on your life. So, if you’re still single this Valentine’s Day, the odds that you’ll use an online dating app to look for love on Feb.

In fact, Time noted online messaging between users on JDate spikes to percent on Feb. Looking for the one Finding someone you match with is all well and good, however, online dating continues to battle a stigma.

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According to IBM Security, more than 60 percent of mobile dating apps are For more, see PCMag’s lineup of The Best Online Dating Sites.

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IBM hits new quantum computing milestone

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On many dating sites, users have a tendency to misrepresent their own Connectidy is a ‘cognitive dating platform’ powered by IBM Watson.

Subscriber Account active since. The weaknesses let strangers change your content and images, communicate with other app users, and even leak private information about you that’s inadvertently stored on your smartphone, IBM says. The study doesn’t cover 41 dating apps on Apple’s competing iOS system. For the record, IBM tells us it’s not a platform issue, but a developer one. So chances are there are the same issues on iOS too. Because apps used by people to find love use phone features such as cameras, microphones, storage, GPS location services, and billing information, it’s not just your identity that could be compromised.

The researchers say hackers can upload malware to devices, track your every movement through GPS, steal bank details, and take control of your phone camera and microphone. Although they are not named in the survey, Tinder now charges users for certain functions ; Hinge requires people to set their location to find people to match with. One in 10 Americans have used a dating site or app, up 66 percent over the past eight years.

There are , Londoners alone using the new app Happn to find love. IMB Security VP Caleb Barlow said in a statement that dating apps give users a feeling of “trust that gives hackers the opportunity to exploit vulnerabilities”. Hackers aren’t just getting into the back end of the apps via software vulnerabilities, in other words. They’re also pretending to be daters and phishing for your personal details, which they can use to reverse engineer your login identity and passwords.

IBM’s suggestion is for users to “be mysterious,” which basically means don’t divulge too much personal information until you’re comfortable with the person your engaging with, and to check app permissions and use only trusted WiFi networks.

Websites using IBM Plex

Reuters – The millions of people using dating apps on company smartphones could be exposing themselves and their employers to hacking, spying and theft, according to a study by International Business Machines Corp. Dating apps have become hugely popular in the past few years due to their instant messaging, photo and geolocation services. About 31 million Americans have used a dating site or app, according to a Pew Research Center study.

IBM found employees used vulnerable dating apps in nearly 50 percent of the companies sampled for its research. IBM said the problem is that people on dating apps let their guard down and are not as sensitive to potential security problems as they might be on email or websites. IBM said it had not so far seen a rash of security breaches due to dating apps as opposed to any other kind of social media.

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By Hayley Yudelman 2 minute read May 10, Like Print. With a market of more than million singles in the United States, the online dating industry has grown substantially over the past few years. Usage of dating applications by year olds has increased nearly threefold since While some people have met their soul mates on dating applications, most people struggle with constant mismatching, bad choices and incompatibilities. The platform enables users to make better choices and build stronger relationships with potential mates that are formed by data-driven emotional intelligence instead of just intuition.

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With the plethora of dating websites out there—OKCupid, Match, eHarmony, and even some more niche sites like FarmersOnly or Geek2Geek—you may think that the idea of having a computer match you up with a date developed in tandem with the internet age. Not so. At least since the s, computer programmers have been working on algorithms to match people up. The first dance was held October 12, , in the ballrooms of the Memorial Union.

“IBM tested IAC’s dating apps-including Match, OkCupid and Tinder vulnerabilities,” an IAC spokesman told web site Tech Times “We are.

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IBM warns that majority of its dating sites could be hacked

Tinder is also becoming increasingly popular across African continent. But as the number of dating applications and registered users grow, so does their attractiveness to potential attackers. So how do businesses educate their staff on the potential risks and mobile security best practices to utilise the applications safely.

Date: 11 August Between 3 and 10 August IBM released Security Bulletins to address vulnerabilities in multiple products. Included.

One particularly novel, but useful, application of Tone Analyzer has been created by Watson Ecosystem partner Connectidy and focuses on how to make online dating communication more effective. Some 67 per cent of the time when people send out text messages or emails they are completely misunderstanding [what people will think] they mean. We call this [use of the API] a spellchecker for your emotions. Men and women communicate differently Tone Analzyer steers people away from writing the wrong thing as they are writing it.

Tallering claimed what her company is doing is a first for the industry, adding: “As we expand the technology we will be going into many other verticals such as work or choosing a college. For us the opportunities are endless using the Watson API. Watson Tone Analzyer has previously tried to understand nine other traits across emotions, social propensities and writing style agreeable, analytical, angry, cheerful, confident, conscientious, open, negative and tentative.

It will now add new analytics capabilities and be able to determine a range of new emotions disgust, fear, joy and sadness , new social propensities including extraversion and emotional range and is moving away from considering single words analytically to whole sentences. Visual Recognition, meanwhile, lets systems recognise and classify images rather than just tag them.

It gives you a ‘sensitive chip’ and marks the next step in helping your developers, said David Kenny, IBM Watson general manager. Find out how bringing all that emotional intelligence to your data can make a huge difference.

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