Living With Large Carnivores

On March 20, Netflix premieres Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness , a seven-episode docuseries about people who own and breed lions, tigers, and other big cats. The series, from filmmakers Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin , has so many binge-watch qualifiers that it seems as though it was special-engineered in a streaming lab. For many years, Joe Exotic owned a large-cat facility and dabbled in magic, drugs, homemade country-music videos, and polygamy before he was sent to prison for a wild crime committed against his sworn enemy— Carole Baskin , another large-cat owner who exclusively wears animal-print clothing. Tiger King has it all. The series also features enough serious plot twists to contend with The Jinx ; romantic tragedy; one large-cat owner who claims to be the real-life Scarface; another large-cat owner who seems to carry on a deeply problematic, polygamous relationship with the female interns in his employ; and a cowboy-hat-wearing, Big Lebowski -esque narrator. Beneath all of those circus-ready characters and cartoonish theatrics is a serious message about the number of big cats being bred specifically for use in roadside zoos and pet farms. Because these cats can only be used for play sessions and photo ops—and large adult cats are expensive to feed—the most lucrative income stream for large-cat owners lies within cuddly lion and tiger cubs; once they reach adulthood, many of these animals are either inhumanely housed or euthanized altogether. Looking for more?

A clowder of cats: 30 fancy names for animal groups

Groups of animals often have interesting and unusual names. Sometimes these collective nouns have some connection to the animal, and sometimes it seems as if they were assigned by choosing a random entry in the dictionary. Take a look at this list of 30 names for groups of animals ranging from the familiar to the bizarre. A group of cats is called a clowder. It can also be called a glaring , particularly if the cats are uncertain of each other.

(Because these cats can only be used for play sessions and photo lies within cuddly lion and tiger cubs; once they reach adulthood, many of.

This lists the logos of programs or partners of NG Education which have provided or contributed the content on this page. What types of big cats can you think of? Elicit from students that big cats include lions, tigers, leopards, cheetahs, jaguars, ocelots, cougars, and other large predatory cats. Explain that big cat populations are in decline throughout the world. Most species are either threatened or endangered due to human actions. Ask: What types of human activities or behaviors might threaten the survival of big cats?

Elicit from students that as human populations increase and encroach on big cat habitats, humans and cats are forced to compete for food and space. Additional conflicts include illegal poaching, hunting, and trade of big cats as exotic pets. Ask: What is an exotic pet? What types of animals are kept as exotic pets? Explain that exotic pets are rare or wild animals kept in captivity for human comfort.

Exotic pets include reptiles, birds, monkeys, and top carnivores such as lions, tigers, leopards, wolves, and bears. The video explores the negative consequences of keeping big cats in captivity and the challenges sanctuaries face in trying to care for them. Tell students that, as they view the video, they will answer a series of questions.

Mountain Lion Kittens Found In Santa Monica Mountains

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In , the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service declared the eastern cougar extinct. Kentucky’s tally is the one female kitten struck by a vehicle in Floyd County in , males from those areas have not been documented in Kentucky to date.

The lion Panthera leo is a species in the family Felidae and a member of the genus Panthera. It is most recognisable for its muscular, deep-chested body, short, rounded head, round ears, and a hairy tuft at the end of its tail. It is sexually dimorphic ; adult male lions have a prominent mane. It is a social species , forming groups called prides. A lion pride consists of a few adult males, related females and cubs.

Groups of female lions usually hunt together, preying mostly on large ungulates. The lion is an apex and keystone predator ; although some lions scavenge when opportunities occur and have been known to hunt humans, the species typically does not. Typically, the lion inhabits grasslands and savannas , but is absent in dense forests. It is usually more diurnal than other big cats, but when persecuted it adapts to being active at night and at twilight. In the Pleistocene , the lion ranged throughout Eurasia, Africa and North America, but today it has been reduced to fragmented populations in sub-Saharan Africa and one critically endangered population in western India.

Lion populations are untenable outside designated protected areas. Although the cause of the decline is not fully understood, habitat loss and conflicts with humans are the greatest causes for concern.

Largest living cat

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National Park Service researchers have added the brother and sister to a long-running study of the species in and around the mountain range. The babies, named P and P, were their mother’s first litter. The father is suspected to be P, pending confirmation of DNA results. He is the only lion documented crossing into the Santa Monica Mountains from the north, SMMNRA said, which brings new genetic material to a population of mountain lions that have low genetic diversity.

The suspected father has repeatedly mated in the Santa Monica Mountains, helping to spread these new genes. However, P has also mated with offspring and their offspring, the kind of close inbreeding that reduces genetic diversity over the long-term. P is suspected to be the father because of two main clues — a resident near the area notified the researchers about hearing mountain lions interact near their property in April, and both P and P were in the area according to P’s GPS unit and photos of P whose GPS collar has malfunctioned.

Female mountain lions gestate in 90 days, so Sikich kept an eye on P’s movement patterns and, sure enough, she displayed actions of a mother expecting kittens. It’s also entirely possible that another male mated with her around the same time. P was discovered in on a camera trap video as a kitten chirping to communicate with her mother, and feeding on a deer at her mother’s kill site. Researchers visited her den and marked one of her siblings who later died, so P’s existence wasn’t confirmed until her head popped up on camera.

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Two mummified lions, dating back about 2, years, have been discovered in a tomb full of cat statues and cat mummies in Saqqara, the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities announced today Nov. Analysis is ongoing, but it appears the lions are fairly small — about 3 feet just under 1 meter in length, — Waziri said, suggesting that they were not fully grown when they died. Three other mummies that belong to large cats the exact species is unclear were found near the two lions.

These three other mummies could belong to leopards, cheetahs or other forms of big cat.

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The Florida panther is a subspecies of Puma concolor also known as mountain lion, cougar, or puma and represents the only known breeding population of puma in the eastern United States. In , the Department of the Interior listed the Florida panther as an endangered subspecies. Since then, the U. Fish and Wildlife Service has worked closely with the state of Florida, as well as other federal agencies and private partners to make significant progress towards achieving recovery.

Under the current Recovery Plan, established in , the Service will consider delisting the panther when three populations of at least individuals each excluding dependent-aged kittens have been established, and sufficient habitat to support these populations is secured in the long-term. These recovery goals cannot be met without establishing additional populations outside of southern Florida, requiring support from private landowners.

They normally live in remote, undeveloped areas. However, as the number of people in southern Florida grows, there is an increased chance of an encounter with a Florida panther. This brochure by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission contains some guidelines to help you live safely in Florida panther country.

Land use planning that takes into account the habitat requirements of Florida panthers continues to be a challenge for recovery.

Tigers (and other cats) can catch the coronavirus

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Bear and mountain lion sightings have increased in the Show-Me State. Publish Date: Dispersal is the one-way movement of an animal from its birth site to an independent Analysis of DNA from tissue and hair samples collected from Missouri mountain lions indicates that the cats were born more than miles away.

Fish and Game officials recently captured three mountain lion kittens in two separate incidents, one in Twin Falls County near Murtaugh, the other in the Wood River Valley near Hailey. All three kittens were monitored prior to capture to ensure there was not a female lion in the area. After capture by Fish and Game staff, the kittens were held and cared for while attempts were made to locate a suitable facility that could take them long-term, since release back into the wild was not an option.

All three kittens were found to be healthy. One kitten was found in an alfalfa field south of Murtaugh after it had earlier been treed by a neighborhood dog. After repeated attempts to locate the female lion, it was determined that she was no longer in the area. The status of the female is unknown. The medical examination found that the kitten is a female, and weighs 15 pounds. It is estimated to be three months old. The kitten has been placed in an accredited zoo in El Paso, Texas.

Lion Cubs Love to Cuddle / Cuddling White Lion Cubs